Talent: development of competencies and skills

A company that invests in sustainable development of its organization and employees

The knowledge, experience and commitment of our employees make Indaver a company that considers sustainable development of the business, and innovation, as its trademark. Therefore, we invest continuously in developing our people and leaders and keep encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing.

We demonstrate leadership

In line with our mission statement within Indaver, the HR approach aims for the sustainable development of our organization and people. One of the most important factors in achieving this mission is demonstrating quality leadership.

Indaver Leadership is represented in ‘Leading by Triple C’: Care, Coach, Connect. The concept of ‘Leading by Triple C’ is incorporated in the Indaver competency model. By adopting a common leadership approach, we strengthen our team culture which is necessary to achieve our local and international strategies within our matrix structure. It gives us the opportunity to further develop the Indaver culture in all regions. 

We have a stable and well trained workforce

Indaver is a knowledge driven organisation and focuses on the retention of critical knowledge and the development of its employees. Indaver believes that continuously developing its employees enhances the strength, flexibility and performance of the company. The robust competition and the globalisation in the waste market require Indaver to act in an efficient and innovative manner to keep pace with the changing environment. To support this aim, we focus on cultivating an organisation where knowledge sharing and people development are key. 

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