When it comes to safety, Indaver doesn’t compromise. The safety of our employees, but also of those involved directly or indirectly in our activities, is an absolute priority, consistent with our core value of ‘Concern for people, safety and the environment’. Indaver advocates a group-wide safety behavioural culture with a focus on continuous improvement.

Safety Culture

We continuously work on the safety awareness of our employees and our contractors. We demonstrate the importance of personal commitment to our safety policy through safety training. We invest in increasing our knowledge of the waste that we process.

Risk mitigation

To minimise risk when dealing with waste, Indaver has developed a strong organisation and procedures (e.g. centralised waste treatment department, audits, site manuals, etc.) that guarantee safe, liability-free waste management. We have internationally recognised certification for our safety policy and efficient and safe facilities, systematically putting all new facilities or major changes in existing facilities through a HAZard and Operability study for identifying and controlling hazards.

Co-ordination between the regions

Indaver has uniform safety indices for all its sites in Europe so that we can compare the regions and set common safety objectives. Any incident at an Indaver facility is reported throughout the Group to ensure that a similar incident does not occur elsewhere. A Group Safety Manager co-ordinates and shares safety expertise, both in the Group and with the sector and external players. A Safety Board discusses root cause analysis and prepares proposals for structural improvement. 

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Safety at Indaver is everyone's responsibility!