Leading the field in sustainable waste management

Growing international consumption is putting more and more pressure on the available raw materials. Recovering materials and energy from waste is becoming increasingly essential from an ecological point of view and increasingly profitable from an economic point of view. 

With over 25 years of experience, Indaver has become synonymous with sustainable waste management. Indaver works diligently on using waste in the best possible way. It strives to close materials loops in a CO2- and energy-efficient manner. In doing so we hope to contribute to resolving part of the raw materials shortage.

Enabler and gatekeeper of the circular economy

Managing hazardous waste involves risks. Understanding those risks and controlling them is Indaver's core business. With intelligent waste management systems and a strong base of our own and third party advanced treatment installations, we offer traceability and reliability.

We recover energy and materials from waste, but only if there is no risk for people, environment or society.

This way Indaver acts as an enabler and gatekeeper of the circular economy. Our knowledge and expertise in terms of waste, technology, legislation and market provide a solid basis for sustainable waste managment.  

Knowledge partner

Indaver advises and supports its clients in their ambition to make their waste management more sustainable. Indaver itself has the task of recovering the highest degree of materials possible and generating energy in an efficient manner. That is only possible through close consultation and collaboration with its clients about the types of waste, the transport and the treatment.

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Indaver, enabler and gatekeeper of the circular economy