For Indaver, sustainable waste management doesn't just mean converting as much waste into energy as possible. Indaver also wants to keep its own energy use as low as possible and makes continuous improvements to ensure this happens.

Resource efficiency

CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Ninety percent of this gas is emitted from energy applications. The more energy-efficient installations, processes and buildings become, the more we can limit CO2 emission. Indaver is continuously looking for ways of keeping its own energy and material consumption as low as possible. That is why Indaver constantly scrutinises its installations and processes to see how we can reduce our use of energy and materials.

Resource recovery

We use innovative technologies for recovering energy from waste. Via thermal treatment in our installations, we produce enough energy to supply electricity to 259,000 households. We are continuously looking for new ways to use the energy that we recover.

Indaver also recovers materials from waste for the purpose of recycling or for reuse. It selects the most sustainable treatment technology for each waste flow. Efficient sorting and purification deliver high-quality end products, ready for reuse or recycling.

Indaver checks that these products meet the strictest requirements of the recycling industry and that they are safe before they are reintroduced into the closed loop. Innovation is key in order to improve the levels of extraction - and its quality - for recycling.

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