Over the last thirty years, Indaver has made significant progress, from being a waste treatment company through to a service provider, then a total solutions supplier that takes care of everything, to a supplier of energy and raw materials. We have grown steadily by continually improving our processes and our service provision, by innovating and by making targeted acquisitions. This growth model allows us to expand and to develop new services and technologies, and to improve efficiency in our core activities. In the regions where we operate and the companies we acquire, we remain true to our vision and values. Indaver is proof that good business and sustainability go hand-in-hand.


Every economy focuses on value creation, including the circular economy. Only in a circular economy the value is not just financial, it is also qualitative. The benefits to society are also important: the well-being of local residents, the safety and quality of the living environment, sustainable mobility, commercial practise based on the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Our approach

Our path to growth
We grow by investing in three areas. They help Indaver to create added value, to improve services and to develop the company.

Operational excellence 
Indaver wants to grow. So we continually refine our processes. We organise them efficiently. This increases our stakeholders' faith in our organisation. It means we can expand into new locations more easily and we are prepared for more complex service provision.

Sustainable supply chain with suppliers 

Indaver is a responsible service provider. We get involved with partners and suppliers who are also committed to sustainability in their business. Our sustainable approach is woven into our policy, our vision and our core values. In 2018 we clarified our vision, our policy and our management in a Sustainable Procurement Charter (‘Charter voor Duurzaam Aankopen’). In addition we put together a code of conduct with our expectations for all suppliers and partners; to supplement the contractual agreements.

Organic growth and acquisitions: We strengthen our position in the market by building and running our own facilities, and by expanding into new countries or regions. We take over existing facilities to bring them in line with our own ways of working.

Aberdeen: new Energy from Waste facility

Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils in Scotland have joined forces to build an energy from waste facility that treats non-recyclable waste. Indaver is part of a consortium with Acciona, a Spanish multinational construction company, to carry out this project. The site has been designed to process 150,000 tonnes of municipal residual waste. It will create sufficient energy to supply heat for the proposed heating plan for the district of Aberdeen. It will also supply steam to the national electricity grid. Indaver will run and maintain the facility for 20 years. It must be fully operational by April 2022.

Break-through innovation: We encourage new technological and/or business models. We look for possibilities that fit our focus on the circular economy. Innovation projects and business cases are chosen carefully: they must be technologically reliable, ecologically sound and financially responsible.

R & D: working with research institutions
Solutions for the circular economy lend themselves particularly well to co-creation, whereby the expertise to find answers comes from different areas that have been brought together. Indaver performs research and development in consortia of research institutions, governments and businesses.

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