Investing in knowledge

We create a knowledge environment in which employees think ‘outside the box’ and share their expertise and experience. This stimulates creativity and leads to innovative ideas in order to improve processes, technologies and services and to recover even more materials and energy. These ideas are tested on the grounds of feasibility, usefulness for customers, durability and risks before being applied.

Indaver constantly invests in developing and deepening its employees' knowledge. The focus across the entire organisation is on knowledge-sharing. Managers follow the Triple C programme – Care, Connect, Coach – to help link the ambitions and passions of our highly-educated staff with Indaver's own ambitions and to encourage them to come up with creative solutions.

International Operational Competence Centres

Innovation is created where various disciplines meet. In the International Operational Competence Centres (IOCC) that operate across all the Indaver regions, internal knowledge and experience is collected, developed and shared in order to further improve our processes. New technological advances are monitored and new ideas are developed. For example, there is an IOCC that deals with the management of residues, where Indaver studies how the residues from thermal treatments with energy recovery can be reused and which raw materials could be extracted from this.


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