A knowledge environment leads to successful innovation

Indaver creates a knowledge environment in which its employees have every opportunity to enhance and share their expertise and experience. We organise training courses to enable them to deepen their knowledge. We encourage (in)formal brain-storming sessions. We have a leadership programme that teaches those in management positions how to get their staff to excel in their area.

This climate stimulates creativity and leads to innovative, out-of-the-box ideas in order to improve processes, technologies or services and to recover even more materials and energy from waste. Our people study the feasibility, usefulness for customers, durability and risks of these ideas. They are carefully and extensively tested before they are effectively applied.

Operating across the regions

Innovation is created where various disciplines meet. In the International Operational Competence Centres (IOCC) that operate across all the Indaver regions, internal knowledge and experience are collected, developed and shared in order to improve our processes even more. New technological evolutions are monitored and new creative ideas are developed. 

For example, there is an IOCC that deals with the management of residues, where Indaver studies how the residues from thermal treatments with energy recovery (waste-to-energy) could be reused and which raw materials could be extracted from this.

Developing Leadership

Indaver stimulates its managers to get the best out of themselves (and their teams). For that purpose, we have set up the leadership programme, Leading by Triple C: Care, Connect, Coach. This training programme is an investment in a distinguishable leadership style for the entire company. It also reinforces our corporate culture of creativity and innovation.

Seeking Partnerships

Successful innovation only comes at the end of a long journey. Our research projects involve experimental and industrial and software development. We work in close collaboration with universities, specialists and trade associations to give promising ideas and concepts the space and structure they need to become successful. 

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