Customised waste solutions for industry and public authorities

Indaver is active in waste management for industry and public authority customers. We devise an individually tailored approach, in which we may cover the entire waste chain from on-site services to recycling and end-treatment, for the total waste portfolio. We do so with full transparency, professional consultation and good personal interaction as key components of our quality service culture.


Focus on our customers

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient waste solutions, tailored to the needs of each customer. Its service is based on a range of specialised, large-scale facilities in more than 30 locations all over Europe and continuously improving their performance, efficiency and safety standards. It is supported by strong systems, allowing us to efficiently manage and monitor all activities with suppliers and customers. It is driven by a highly experienced and motivated workforce, delivering first-class customer service.

Focus on sustainability

Indaver has a historical and continuous focus on sustainability. We strive to reduce the integrated impact of emissions and use of energy and materials in our processes. We generate more energy from our waste installations, applying it in ever better ways. We increase the recovery of materials, while keeping the circular economy safe and clean.

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