Specialist in sustainable waste management

Indaver operates specialised facilities and manages intelligent waste management systems focusing on sustainable material and energy management. We aim to offer all our customers – industrial and governmental, and collectors – total solutions for their industrial, hazardous, household and organic waste.

Two distinct markets

In the industrial and hazardous waste business market, Indaver is a leader in north-western Europe with our Total Waste Management (TWM) concept. Large industrial companies want pan-European service providers. In light of this, Indaver is systematically extending its processing capacity and commercial activities across Europe through organic growth and carefully considered acquisitions. We focus primarily on countries where our core customers – chemicals, lifesciences and metallurgy – have a strong presence. 

For household and comparable waste we have strong roots in Belgium, and we are developing our position in the Netherlands and Ireland. Our first objective is to gain and maintain a strong position in the countries where we are currently active. In this way we can make optimal use of our facilities and continue to offer to our customers cost-efficient solutions.

Innovative service concepts

We offer our customers high-quality, sustainable and cost-effective waste management solutions, allowing them to choose the services best tailored to their needs. We have a flexible package for every type of waste thanks to a broad range of in-house facilities supplemented by third-party treatment outlets. 

Customers can count on the right services at the best price, efficient project monitoring and sustainable and effective waste treatment. We guarantee full transparency and traceability. If they wish to, customers can have a complete, worry-free service whereby we can focus our attention on providing the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Total Waste Management (TWM)

Indaver provides integrated solutions for the waste management of large industrial companies. This way, the industry can concentrate on their core business. Our Total Waste Management involves a total package of services for their total portfolio of waste. Indaver can take charge of customers’ waste management, from advice and on-site collection to treatment, administration and reporting.

  • Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS)

Indaver is an important and reliable partner for public authorities for a sustainable and cost-effective policy. Public waste PartnershipS provide an appropriate and flexible response to the needs of municipal authorities and intermunicipal partnerships. We work towards long-term collaboration, often in the context of intensive partnerships with joint investment in treatment capacity. The main treatment methods in this segment are high-quality recycling and thermal treatment with energy generation. Treating biowaste by means of composting and digestion is also becoming more important.

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