Experienced partner for public authorities

Public authorities are increasingly choosing to join forces with a specialist partner for their waste management. With its Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS), Indaver offers them a wide range of quality and cost-efficient solutions that enable them to operate flexibly.

Flexibility, free choice and trust

Flexibility, free policy choice and trust - these are the guiding principles that underlie our service provision and ensure that local authorities and their residents benefit from it.

  • Flexibility: public authorities choose what they outsource to Indaver. We advise, based on our technical, administrative, legal and commercial knowhow.
  • Freedom of policy choice: they determine which solution is the most suitable, we advise them on the services and technologies that we could best implement.
  • Trust: open, timely and accurate communication is crucial. Thanks to our IT systems, public authorities have constant access to all of the data relating to their waste streams.

Three types of service

  • Treatment of municipal waste: e.g. waste-to-energy, composting, pre-treatment of biomass, sorting of plastics, paper and cardboard, treatment of household hazardous waste.
  • Organisation of waste management schemes and systems: e.g. management of local authority waste services, management of waste collection and transport, operation of transfer stations, sourcing outlets for recyclable and/or residual materials, supporting waste prevention campaigns.
  • Management of infrastructure: e.g. management or full operation, optimising capacity utilisation, co-ownership formulas and joint projects.

Continuity and sustainability

Continuity and the guaranteed sustainable processing of waste are crucial to public authorities. Indaver has its own treatment plants for the processing of municipal solid waste. High-quality recycling and energy recovery valorisation are key in all of Indaver’s activities. When new facilities need to be built, Indaver can be a partner in the development of new recycling plants, MBTs or waste-to-energy plants. 

International expertise deployed locally

Every public authority organises its waste policy in its own way, often joining forces with neighbouring local authorities. Indaver has the necessary experience in-house to work with these complex collaborative arrangements. Our local employees are dedicated to the public authorities’ service and can draw on the know-how and expertise that Indaver manages centrally.

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