Investing in sustainable employability

Indaver aims to have the right competencies available at all times to shape the business strategy and future international growth. This means that on the one hand we have to monitor our ageing workforce, ensuring retention of knowledge. On the other hand we have to focus on optimal and sustainable employability of our people to meet the demand for longer professional careers. We apply a pro-active approach, taking into account the diversity of the different age groups, without stigmatisation of older employees. We choose qualitative solutions aimed at mobility, learning and developing, resulting in a “learning and development approach”. This requires a joint commitment between both the employee and company with a dual approach in terms of flexibility and engagement. Within Indaver we share this common vision. We implemented a Group-wide strategy which was translated into regional strategies which varied depending on local context and legislation.


The 4 pillars of the Group-wide and Regional strategies are based on:

  • Health & Well-being: 

We make our employees aware of the importance of their physical and mental health, and encourage them to live a healthier lifestyle. We also offer health check-ups and relevant vaccinations. We urge our employees to give ample attention to their physical and mental health, both at home and at work.

In continuous dialogue with our employees we adapt working conditions and circumstances in order to attain long-term employment. Together, we strive to find a good balance to benefit both the organisation and the employees. We monitor work places and identify the necessary ergonomic resources for an optimal work performance.   

  • Balance in work & life:

We clarify roles and responsibilities of our employees and the expected results. We ensure our people are well trained for the job and support them where necessary. We provide them with efficient and effective tools to perform their duties. We expect our employees to take ownership, to take the initiative to improve efficiency of work processes on the work floor. 

We offer, where possible, flexible working hours, working from home and part-time work opportunities. Through open and honest dialogues, we can ensure that their situation provides personal benefit, benefit for the organisation and for their team.

  • Competence & Career Development:

We offer our employees opportunities to continuously work on the development of their competencies and skills through training & development, on-the-job-experiences, coaching, feedback exercises and potential assessments. We help them to find their personal career anchors in each life stage and facilitate job mobility. We expect our employees to take the initiative and to understand that they are in the driving seat of their competence and career development.

  • Commitment & Engagement:

We support our employees in the Indaver way 'Care-Connect-Coach'. We respect and trust them. We clarify their personal contribution to the Indaver strategy and the team, and involve them in decision-making. We give them the autonomy and authority to act. We help them to develop and to deal with a changing environment.

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