Indaver is a European brand with international ambitions. Its management structure fosters co-operation between its business regions and allows growth to be managed effectively and efficiently.

Matrix structure

The Indaver Group is structured by regions: Belgium; The Netherlands; Germany; Ireland and the United Kingdom. A matrix structure has been set up to promote co-operation between the regions. The matrix consists, across the group, of the International Management Team and vertically of the Regional Management Teams. 

The International Management Team, headed by the CEO, develops strategy, sets out annual targets, co-ordinates operational activities and ensures that synergies are fully utilised. The Regional Management Teams are responsible for organising operations in their regions.

The Board of Directors appoints Indaver’s management team. The Board of Directors determines the responsibilities, areas of competence and obligations of the management team.

Management support

Business teams are responsible for the result in their business segment. They are close to the customer and the market and are therefore able to respond quickly to opportunities. They are the guarantors of business excellence.

International Operational Competence Centers (ICCC) support the quest for operational excellence. Specialists from the various regions identify and implement best practices and exchange information on technological developments.

Cooperation between the regions: Cooperation Agreement

Indaver is an international organisation with subsidiaries and participating interests in various European countries. ‘Think global and act local’ is the way Indaver believes it will achieve success in the various markets and further growth. Thinking global refers to vision and business strategy supported by the right values and policies. Acting local refers to the waste management service provided to customers and local stakeholders.

As a result of this growth, the organisation has become more complex. Clear agreements are therefore required which apply to all regions at all times and which ensure uniform operating procedures. They are described in the Cooperation Agreement.

This document describes the way the Indaver organisation works, realising similar operational behaviour and service over the different regions and guaranteeing that Indaver is in control of the major business processes.

The commitments in the Cooperation Agreement apply to all regions. Thanks to this Cooperation Agreement, Indaver approaches its stakeholders in a uniform manner, consistently promoting its core values.

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