Leading the field in sustainable waste management

Indaver assists companies and public authorities to retain and further improve their (sustainable) performance by supporting and continuously improving their waste management. This entails minimum impact on society, with compliance with the strictest environmental standards, and maximum recovery of energy and materials. Sustainability informs everything we do.

Partner to our customers' needs

We help our customers navigate the complex and ever-changing waste management environment. We offer high-quality and sustainable waste management solutions. We operate smart waste management systems and complex processing facilities.

Customers can rely on an approach tailored to their needs. Our Total Waste Management (TWM) services offer industrial companies integrated solutions for their waste management. Our Public waste PartnershipS (PwPS) offer public authorities a comprehensive approach for household and comparable industrial waste. 

We set the standard for waste management by continuously improving the performance, efficiency and safety of our services. Through our internationally recognised performance in sustainable waste management, we lead the field in Europe.

Partner to the circular economy

The global population is growing at lightning speed and unsustainable pressure is being put on raw materials and energy, which are growing scarcer by the second. We have to start using materials and energy more intelligently. Indaver is helping to work towards the transition from a linear economy, in which raw materials are only used once, to a circular economy in which the emphasis lies on sustainability through added value.

In a circular economy materials that are recovered from waste streams are reintroduced as high-quality raw materials for their original purpose, or to make new products. So there is no need to use any new raw materials. Waste management therefore plays a crucial role in closing loops.

Indaver wants to bring waste back into the materials chain as much as possible. We break waste down into its original components and then recover them. This is how we obtain materials for industrial processes that do not differ in quality from the original product whatsoever. We ensure that hazardous or harmful substances stay out of the food and materials chain.

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Indaver, leading the field in sustainable waste management