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Industrial companies who want to concentrate on their core business may want to outsource all of their waste management. Indaver offers them a tailormade, comprehensive solution: Total Waste Management (TWM). It takes intelligent waste management to the next level by offering balanced solutions in which economic viability, environmental concerns and risk control go hand in hand.

Efficient and cost-effective

Indaver can take on industrial companies’ complete waste management activity, from collection to processing and on-site services, if they so choose. Given Indaver’s diversified waste treatment assets and large scale, it can offer its customers the right services at the best terms. For each waste stream – hazardous and non-hazardous – we guarantee the best solution in terms of technology and cost. We have the necessary expertise and resources to implement complex waste projects efficiently: 

  • in-house processing plants - thanks to wide-ranging processing capacity, we can guarantee continuity of delivery and processing; 
  • network of reliable subcontractors;
  • substantial logistical fleet for hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • efficient systems saving time - powerful data and reporting systems making waste management fully transparent and enabling it to be monitored by the customer;
  • meticulous order planning and follow-up and accurate invoicing reducing customers’ administrative load;
  • manpower for on-site services; 
  • project-based approach - behind each TWM project is a dedicated team, led by an experienced project manager.

Sustainable and safe

Industrial companies need a sustainable long-term solution for their waste. Indaver has the necessary expertise and experience to treat waste materials in a correct and sustainable manner. Its total approach includes maximum recovery. Safety and full compliance are guaranteed. Indaver adheres to strict rules and procedures to prevent risk and liability. In this way, industry can achieve its sustainability targets whilst at the same time reducing costs.

For more information on our services and installations, please visit the website in your region.

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