Impact on the environment

Indaver intends to keep the impact of its operations on people and the environment as low as possible. We continually monitor our air and water emissions, guaranteeing compliance with the strictest environmental standards. The correct operation of our measurement instruments is regularly confirmed by an external independent lab. We are continuously investing in new technologies and methods to further limit our air and water emissions.

We use water frugally. We also work hard to ensure our activities have no impact on the soil. We take the necessary measures to prevent contamination of the soil and groundwater on our sites and make sure that waste is disposed of safely on the landfill sites we manage.

We are constantly making further efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. We keep the environmentally friendly flag flying high, both when treating waste and when transporting waste or people. 

For more information on our performance in limiting the impact of our activities on the environment, please consult our Sustainability Report.

In a circular economy, manufacturers want to re-use raw materials. But they have to be as good and as safe as the original material. We recover high-quality materials from the waste we treat. We protect the materials loop from contamination. So we are a link in the circular economy.

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