Innovation is imperative

Waste management is continually subject to change. The market evolves, as do our customers’ needs and the legal framework. Leading the field in sustainable waste management is only possible by continuously investing in innovation and producing relevant customer solutions. Improvement and innovation are therefore deeply embedded within Indaver’s organisation. This is evident in our core value of continuous improvement and in our ambition to close material loops.

An ongoing process

Innovation for Indaver is more than developing treatment technology. Innovativeness is found in its processes, services and systems. Innovation is an ongoing process throughout the organisation of alertness to changing conditions, pinpointing problems and opportunities, creating ideas and convincing people of their value. Various disciplines are involved, as are our customers, leading to viable and sustainable solutions. Each idea is carefully researched, developed, tested and evaluated – until we are certain that the solution is better than the previous one: safer, more sustainable, more cost-efficient.

Technological and service innovation

When it comes to its facilities, Indaver invests in improving efficiency, adapting them to ever more complex and variable waste streams and to customers’ requests for flexibility. The most important challenge in terms of sustainability is increasing the recovery of energy and materials. Indaver is also looking to integrate this innovation into its service. We continue to answer customer needs and to improve customer service. Projects include system developments that support efficiency in administration and transparency. We also systematically evaluate and update the portfolio of services delivered. 

A Knowledge Organisation

Indaver is an important link in the circular economy because it keeps hazardous substances out of the product and food chains. Our clients also expect us to continue to find better and safer solutions for their complex and sometimes hazardous waste streams. In-depth knowledge of materials and processes are key in this role. Our employees have extensive expertise about materials and resources and about the processes that we use to convert waste into materials and energy.

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