Safety and Quality

We invest heavily in safety for our own people and for our environment. We do this to ensure we have safe and operational facilities, good procedures, well-trained staff and efficient systems that permanently measure and improve the safety and quality of our processes.


Indaver has integrated and standardised systems that monitor quality, the environment and safety and that guarantee the reliability and traceability of our processes. They embed our sustainable approach within our organisation, guarantee efficient business management and prepare Indaver for complex service provision. These management systems are certified by an independent external certification agency that confirms they are working effectively. The application of these systems is also checked regularly in internal audits. 


For Indaver, the safety of its employees, but also of anyone directly or indirectly involved in its operations, is an absolute priority. We strive for a group-wide safety culture with a view to continual improvement. For this we use a structured, proactive approach based on thorough knowledge of the waste we treat, safe plants, approved management systems and motivated, well-trained employees.

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