Sustainable and responsible business

Corporate social responsibility is woven into the fabric of Indaver's strategy and organisation. Indaver is results-oriented but we do not judge results solely on the financial growth we have made, by providing a cost-effective and high-quality service for our customers. Indaver also wants to provide social gain.

Our activities therefore need to fulfil three aspects of sustainability: social, ecological and economic. These aspects influence each other, complement each other and sometimes conflict with each other. Indaver constantly checks that they are still in balance and that our business activities are sustainable.

Spearheading sustainability

  • Recovery of materials and energy: Indaver wants to be a partner in the materialisation of a circular economy, in which waste is a sustainable raw material and loops are closed. Sustainable business practice in this context means developing service provision concepts and technologies to recover even more renewable energy or raw materials from waste.
  • Impact on people and the environment: we want to keep our impact on people and the environment as low as possible and to limit our ecological footprint when transporting and treating waste. We are continually improving our energy management. We do everything we can to keep hazardous materials and substances out of the materials loop.
  • Safety and Quality: we invest heavily in safety for our own people and our own environment. We ensure that we have safe operational facilities, good procedures, well-trained staff and efficient systems. We permanently measure and improve the safety and quality of our processes.
  • Sustainable Purchasing and Good Governance: our company code sets out the code of conduct for sustainable business practice for all staff members. When working with suppliers, Indaver details requirements related to corporate social responsibility and asks that they demonstrate how they are fulfilling them. 
  • Social Commitment: we support projects that are aligned with our core values and benefit the region in which we operate. 

Reporting Sustainability

We publish an annual report on all of these efforts with our Sustainability Report. We want all of our results and the impact of our business activities on people and the environment to be transparent for our stakeholders. ‘Ensuring transparency in communications and actions’ is one of Indaver’s core values. We maintain a dialogue with our stakeholders (employees, suppliers and partners, customers, authorities, community and our shareholders) that is entirely transparent. Our Sustainability Report is the final instalment in this dialogue. 

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