Strict audit protocols

Internal audits check the implementation of Indaver’s integrated management systems and help Indaver to continuously improve its business processes. Via external audits, authorities, customers and certification agencies check on our processes. The results of the internal and external audits are monitored by the QESH department. The International Management Team is notified of any corrective actions taken.

Government audits

In all regions Indaver is regularly controlled by public authorities that grant licences or supervise the correct compliance with such licences.

SEVESO audits

Due to the quantity of hazardous waste that is stored and treated, some Indaver sites (Hamburg, Biebesheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Antwerp, Hoek and Meath) are subject to the SEVESO Directive, a European Directive on the management of risks associated with the storage and handling of hazardous waste. The Directive aims to prevent serious accidents and minimise their impact on people and the environment. The preventive measures and the inspection and maintenance programs on a SEVESO site are audited periodically by the competent authorities.

Audits by clients

Clients regularly make use of the opportunity Indaver offers them to carry out their own (on-site) audits. These audits are either part of the acceptance procedure for Indaver as a waste treatment company (pre-contractual audits) or of an interim supplier evaluation (post-contractual audits).

Audits by certification agencies

With the certification of its management system, an independent and accredited certification body formally confirms that we are operating correctly. Depending on the region, Indaver holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and specific regional certificates.

Audits of third parties

At Indaver Group there’s active management of sub-suppliers

Next to our in-house installations. Indaver’s industrial services branch has a centralized Waste Flow department which has access to over 300 so called external treatment installations that offer extra capacity or alternative technologies to offer its customers the “Best-of-Breed” solution. These reliable partners are selected in function of geography, flexibility, high quality standards, delivered services and price. 
Our logistical partners transporting hazardous waste (ADR transport) must also meet strict requirements. Indaver’s logistic departments have excellent contacts with external partners to offer our customers the best logistic service. This way we always offer LEAN logistic service at the lowest possible cost but never ignoring the safety and quality aspects. 

Full Compliant solutions

It is the responsibility of the Waste Flow, Logistic & QESH department of the region to screen and assess the treatment centres. They use different tools for the performance assessment, such as the PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) form. All external treatment centres handling and processing waste materials who are critical (by nature and composition and/or by process) with potential risks to the environment, are submitted to a specific QESH approval procedure before used, to avoid all possible liabilities. Information and documents are queried such as: permits/certifications/applications for the waste processing techniques, managed quality systems, registrations / accreditations in waste transportation, compliance with Indaver’s 10 codes of good practice, procedures, environmental reporting, administration etc. After a positive assessment all parties are informed of the decision and next steps, set out in an internal procedure, and the collaboration can be started.

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