Organising our sustainable performance

Sustainability guidelines

In the Cooperation Agreement, Indaver subscribes to a set of principles to continually improve its sustainability performance. In addition to the Cooperation Agreement, we have also developed a comprehensive framework for ethical business practice through: our Company Code, which details the ethics in our working relationships; 10 Codes of Good Practice in waste management, which details our ethics concerning waste management; and our Corporate Governance Charter, a document that sets out our management philosophy and governance principles.


Sustainability approach

Based on our strategy, and in the context of environmental, economic and social trends, we develop key objectives that describe our environmental, economic and social ambitions. These key objectives are reviewed and adjusted on a yearly basis, in order to adapt to the changing environment and changing stakeholder requirements. In order to achieve these objectives, we set operational goals and targets on an international and regional level, and implement appropriate processes.

Attributing responsibility

Our broad sustainability approach is guided by a team that includes representatives of all major departments: QESH (Quality, Environment, Safety, Health), HR (Human Resources), FAD (Finance), BIS (Business Intelligence Systems), Engineering and Operations. This team is responsible for developing the various sustainable development targets and for guiding the organisation in its efforts to realise these objectives. This allows us to integrate our sustainability commitment into every daily activity. At segment and departmental level, the environmental, economic and social performance is owned by the Director of that entity. At site level, the plant manager is responsible for the environmental, economic and social performance of the site.

Monitoring the results

We continuously monitor, control and report the performance of our organisation. An annual group financial/sustainability report is published online. Mazars (chartered accountants) is the statutory auditor for our financial reporting. On-site data verification relating to environmental and social performance and progress towards objectives is carried out by on-site responsible Indaver personnel.  

In addition, Indaver uses an assurance provider to check its environmental and social data. Wherever necessary, performance indicators and reporting processes are reviewed and updated after every assurance cycle as part of a process of continuous improvement.

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