Enhancing operational excellence

Fostering the climate

We ensure that the systems we put in place: function effectively; prevent environmental damage; provide a quality service to customers; provide a quality workplace for employees; and ensure the safety, health and welfare at work of all our employees and others affected by our activities.

QESH: ensuring fully compliant solutions

Indaver has a comprehensive QESH department to ensure our customers receive fully compliant solutions, in line with national and European waste legislation. Our QESH department spans three areas of expertise: Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety. They take a proactive approach to identifying areas for improvement and implementing any necessary changes in our management system. This involves regular reviews of all relevant legislation and best practice guidelines, hazard identification and risk assessment studies, auditing of all our sites and work activities, conducting incident and non-conformance investigations and provision of training. It is our QESH department that seeks out feedback from our customers and pushes us to constantly improve our service.

Continuous improvement

For Indaver, continuous improvement to achieve a better result for the customer and for society is a core value. In addition to the EFQM approach and ISO standards for monitoring, improving and following up on processes, we also use Lean Six Sigma (LSS), a method for approaching improvement projects even more systematically and proactively. LSS is a five-step improvement approach: Define (what needs to be improved and why); Measure (which data can be collected); Analyse (what is the problem and what does  the data tell you?); Implement (carry out the suggested improvements); and Control (follow up on whether the desired results have been achieved). The LSS method has been implemented across all regions.

Investing in knowledge

We create a knowledge environment in which employees think ‘outside the box’ and share their expertise and experience. This stimulates creativity and leads to innovative ideas in order to improve processes, technologies and services and to recover even more materials and energy. These ideas are tested on the grounds of feasibility, usefulness for customers, durability and risks before being applied.

Indaver constantly invests in developing and deepening its employees' knowledge. The focus across the entire organisation is on knowledge-sharing. Managers follow the Triple C programme – Care, Connect, Coach – to help link the ambitions and passions of our highly-educated staff with Indaver's own ambitions and to encourage them to come up with creative solutions.

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