Maximum materials recovery

Indaver aims to recover as many materials as efficiently as possible in all its activities and facilities. We believe waste is a valuable raw material for a sustainable circular economy.

Paper, plastics, mercury and solvents

Indaver is highly active in efficient material recovery for beneficial use or recycling. We have sorting, cleaning and recycling facilities for PMD (plastic bottles, metals, drinks cartons), paper-cardboard, plastics, mercury-containing lamps, hydrochloric acid and solvents. We enable optimum recycling by efficiently sorting and cleaning selectively collected waste streams. The materials recovered meet the stringent requirements and standards of the recycling industry.

Biological and organic waste

Biological and organic materials, such as vegetable, fruit and garden (VFG) waste and green waste, are processed into compost and biomass. The high-grade compost serves as a soil improver in both the agricultural and horticultural industries. We monitor the quality of the biowaste that is accepted for treatment and ensure that it leaves our sites as quality compost.

Sustainable management of residual waste

We strive to recover as much material as possible during thermal treatment. Reusable and recyclable fractions are removed in advance, where possible. We achieve maximum material recovery after incineration in grate incinerators thanks to advanced ash treatment. Furthermore, we replace valuable raw materials with waste materials as far as possible in our own processes and in those of our customers.

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