A Full Service Provider

Indaver offers high-quality, sustainable and cost-efficient waste management solutions for industry and public authority customers.

Services for Industry

Indaver delivers Total Waste Management (TWM) that is tailored to industrial companies’ requirements. Customers can always count on the right services on the best terms, efficient project monitoring and correct and sustainable processing. As a result we assume all tasks the customer wishes to entrust to us, at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Services for public authorities

Indaver provides public authorities with a sustainable and cost-efficient waste management system. As a result of our years of experience as a partner to public authorities, we have the right answers to all their questions.

Three pillars: assets, systems and people

Indaver’s services are built on three pillars: 

  • assets: for best treatment options; 
  • systems: for integral waste management 
  • people: offering assistance with customers' daily operations and strategic long-term challenges.

Navigating your needs

Customers can choose between treatment only or treatment plus a range of services or a full partnership, where Indaver acts as a pilot, offering all of its knowledge and expertise to guide the customer towards the best solution in terms of waste management.

Managing and operating your plants

As a specialist in operating complex waste management infrastructure, Indaver also manages and operates customer’s plants, be it as a supplier, or in a joint venture with the customer, or as full owner of a dedicated plant on the customer’s site (Build-Own-Operate construction). 

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