Indaver, leading the field in sustainable waste management

Indaver is a reliable partner to both industry and public authorities for ecologically and economically responsible waste management.

Reliable service provider

We offer high-quality, safe and sustainable service provision that we can tailor to our customers’ needs using our expertise in technology, the market and legislation. We can take charge of the entire waste management chain, from on-site recycling service provision to final treatment. This saves customers time and worry.

European player

Over the years Indaver has become a European player, with facilities and operations at more than 30 locations in Belgium, Germany, Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Indaver Group manages around 5 million tonnes of waste every year, using the best available techniques for the treatment of this waste. Indaver employs approximately 1,700 people.

Supplier of raw materials and energy

In all of our activities we recover as many materials and as much energy as possible. In doing so Indaver wants to contribute to the transition to a circular economy that uses materials and energy more intelligently. Our society still considers waste to be a problem, but for Indaver it is an opportunity. As a supplier of high-quality raw materials and renewable energy we are a partner to public authorities, industry and society in this circular economy.

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